Belly Dancing with Ruby Jazayre!


Below are audio recordings from Ruby Jazayre’s belly dancing class that were taken on Wednesday, March, 29 from 6:00-7:00 pm. In the clips, we can hear Ruby giving out directions to the class, and her critiquing the dance. The clips make it easy to picture Ruby standing in the front of a dance room filled with many women of all ages dancing and moving to the beat of the music and Ruby’s counting. The music includes many components. It sounds very mystical because the combination of an accordion sounding instrument and the percussion element. The drumming is a key component to the music and can be heard in many parts of the dance. In one of the recordings, the dancers only dance to a drumming pattern. The coin skirts from the dancers can be heard in the recordings, which gives an idea of how the dancers are moving. The dancers did a lot of slow body roll movements, but also choppy shimmying of their hips and shoulders.

Everyone who has signed consent forms was present for these recordings


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