Interview with Dusten Roe

Interviewer: Dusten Roe

We got the opportunity to interview Dustin Roe, a fellow dancer alongside Bridget, right before he started his night at Vegetable Buddies. We asked him various questions, about his dancing lifestyle and how he is involved with the Latin night experience. Most of the questions centralized around a theme of his identity in Latin dance within the South Bend community.

Madeline: “Do you think Latin dance has carried over into the South Bend area or do you mostly see it in Chicago?

Dusten: I think it’s getting there because we are getting a good scene here. You know, we are trying to build it as much as we can. It’s a big Latino population, and Bridget is doing great things during the week. And [name omitted] and I are trying to expand it on Saturdays where it’s more of a venue where you dress up. We would bring performers from Chicago and DJs from Chicago. I’ll be teaching bachata lessons. We go to “convesos” all the time, and so, we’re trying to bring it more here. They’re becoming more appropriate dancers, meaning they know what they’re doing, which shows you that people are actually wanting to. So yes, in a nutshell, I think the [Latin Dance] is growing here [in South Bend] and it’s going to continue to grow as long as there’s people like us that are wanting to fulfill [it]. That’s with any culture. Any culture is a beautiful thing. Doesn’t have to be Latin dancing, it could be anything. Anything culturally different that is going to be different and make a change.”

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