An Interview with Grace from Beyond Zen

Child’s Pose

Dakota, Krysta and myself (Madeline) interviewed Grace from Beyond Zen about gender roles in yoga. She makes some great points about an increase in men coming to classes and why she thinks that might be the case. There seems to be an upward trend of men coming to yoga classes in the area.

Grace: So we’re seeing a lot of trends of couples trying to do yoga and we also see a lot of mother/son [groups] — we’re talking sons that are in their late 20s early 30s that are starting to go to their mom’s  restorative classes […] Some of them [men] aren’t coming for themselves. They are coming for someone else and then realizing they like it and then they will start coming to other classes by themselves.

Dakota: And that breaks the gender barrier too. Just because they bring someone in and say, “You should try this.”

Grace: Yeah, we actually  have a handful of Notre Dame male-graduate students that have been coming […]

Maddie: Do you see a trend that more men coming in?

Grace: Yes, especially from this school-year calendar. There is definitely a significant increase in men which helps bring in more men because they are telling their friends. Also if a man calls in and is wondering what classes men go to I can say this one or this one have at least two men in it and then they feel more comfortable going to it. So, it just helps overall that more people are doing yoga. Instagram yoga is a big thing: there’s controversy of if it is good or not. There are a lot of famous male yogis on Instagram and YouTube, etc. that I think are helping break that barrier just because they are seeing that it’s popular. 


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