Irish Dance with the Spraoi Agus Rince school of dance!

Julie, Abbey, and I ( Meghan) attended our first dance class with the Spraoi Agus Rince School on Monday March 6th, 2017 at the United States Marine Corps League. The adult class is available to take free lessons of Ceilidh dancing for anyone and comes with a very welcoming environment for all! The dances all come from the Ceilidh book which the instructors use to make sure they are keeping to the traditional Irish social dances. There are three designated instructors that lead the class together, based on the dance they worked on that day. These instructors are Cathlin Coughlan, Shannon McTigue, and Michael McMillion. The traditional Irish step music is played through an iPod and speakers after they run through the dance a few times to make sure they get the steps down correctly. There are not specific songs that go along with particular dances. The instructors choose any song because Irish step music all generally has the same tempo and beat. Every dancer and instructor participates in the group dances, making it the fun social experience that Ceilidh dancing is supposed to be!


Photo 1: Above is a photo of the students and instructors participating in the Ceilidh dance “Into the Cottage.”


Photo 2: This is a photo of the Ceilidh book which shows the steps for this specific dance called the “Trip to the Cottage.”

The next Monday we went to the class was March 20th, 2017 which was after spring break. This was our first day participating in the dances with the rest of the class.


Photo 3: This is a photo of Julie and I practicing a move instructors had just taught us that they called “the teacups.”


Photo 4: This is the starting position of the dance called “The Walls of Limerick.” Included in this photo are Cathlin (in green), Michael her partner, Isaac (in gray), Lexi his partner (in blue), Patty (in black), and Fred (in green) across from Patty.

Consent forms: 1,3,5,6,7,9


Photo 5: This is a photo of instructor Shannon and partner Isaac in the front of the line for one section of the dance, “Into the Cottage”.

Consent Forms: 2,6


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