Latin Dance at Vegetable Buddies

Welcome! Madeline, Alexa, and I (Janie) had the opportunity to do ethnographic fieldwork at Vegetable Buddies and this is our photo blog of the events that took place at both of our visits to the Vegetable Buddies restaurant. We went to the Latin Family Dance sessions. The first hour of the night was a dance lesson, and the rest of the night was open floor to everyone, ranging from beginners to experts.

We arrived at Vegetable Buddies around 7:00 PM. It’s a restaurant/bar in downtown South Bend. Vegetable Buddies has live music and weekly themes.

Once we got settled in, there was an instructor teaching basic salsa at an open Latin class. The instructor overlooked the audience on a stage. Consent form: A
After the instructor finished teaching, the audience got to practice the moves among themselves that the instructor taught. Consent Form: B

The instructor continued to show more dance moves and the audience continued to practice their Latin dance moves. In this photo, it can be seen that majority of the couples are spinning their partner around.
After the class got the Latin dance steps down, it was time for everyone to practice their moves on the dance floor. Around 8:00 PM, the class ended and the floor became open for everyone to dance freely. Everyone definitely put their hearts and souls on the dance floor.
As the night progressed and the sun went down, people were expressing their love for Latin dance. Looking among the crowd, you could see the intimacy between strangers dancing

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