Finding Zen at Beyond Zen

Lanterns and Aerial Yoga straps are featured on the ceiling of the room our class was in. Grace, our instructor is pictured standing.
This class in a pose called Child’s Pose which we often entered after some more difficult poses. The knees are placed together and the body is laid on top with the arms stretched out and the forehead placed on the ground.


This pose is called Downward Dog and the goal is to reach your heels to the ground. Our instructor, Grace, is pictured standing.
This picture shows much lower lights and a resting class. At this time, the instructor, Grace, says “namaste” and the class repeats with hands folded in prayer at heart center

The class is moving between Cat and Cow poses where the hands and feet are placed underneath in a table position and the back moves up to cat and down to cow with the breath.


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