What to wear?

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The class as a whole had women of all ages participating in the dance class.  With that being said, there was a wide variety in what the students dressed in for the dance class. Most of the women were very confident in their bodies and were comfortable showing their stomachs off during the whole class. What you wear to the class is important because you want to be in comfortable, flexible clothing, but you also have to decide whether or not you want to reveal your stomach. This choice was solely up to everyone individually. As for tops, some women wore crop tops, others would be wearing regular t-shirts, and a few participants wore sports bras to dance in. As for the bottoms, almost everyone had some sort of yoga pants on, this includes both the yoga pant and the leggings. A majority of the students in the class had skirts to tie on over their bottoms. These skirts had color to them and some of them even had little coins to make noise when shaken; these skirts were meant to draw attention to what is one of the main focal points when dancing. Individuals are allowed to show two out of three of the following: the stomach, the legs, and/or the arms. They must pick two out of three, they are allowed to pair whatever they would like, but they cannot show all three parts.


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