The blood, sweat, and tears behind costumes

BellyDance 23

The picture featured above is of Ruby Jazayre modeling one of the various kinds of costumes in her closet. There are many different kinds of costumes to consider when purchasing a costume in belly dance. This is probably a more common version of the costumes you would see advertised through media. A majority of the costumes she wears are made from her own two hands. Many hours of blood, sweat, and tears are sewn into these beautiful pieces. Blood from the prickle of needles, sweat from the endless hours of sewing, and tears from the money spent on the pieces bought.


The first time we went to observe the dance classes we were able to get a glimpse of what the performance group would be wearing to their performance for the public. Their costumes are meant to cover the important parts of the body and the rest of the costume is mesh-like see through material. The dresses themselves were all black and had different colors of sequins running down the entire dress. Loose fitting pants are worn underneath the dress and are all black, but the pants were not solid material. This created an effect of being able to see to whatever is worn underneath the pants, but there is a small piece of fabric that creates a little skirt to cover the important parts meant to go unseen. The skirt also goes over the dress so that the dress is tied securely to the waist. The skirt is meant to hold everything in place so that when you are dancing, the costume itself does not fall down everywhere.


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