Shoes are a girls best friend


Shoes are obviously a girls best friend, whats better than picking out what kind of shoes you want to dance in? Along with many variations of clothing, there are a couple of options when choosing your footwear. I was unable to capture an up close image of the most common dance shoe worn for belly dance, but they are most commonly referred to as praise shoes. They come in different amounts of coverage of the foot and sometimes even in different colors. The top part of the underfoot right below the toes are supported by material that has padding in it for dancing on hard floors. The backs of these dance shoes are open except for a strap across the back of the heel. This makes it easier for you to control the movements you are dancing since the heel is coming in direct contact with the floor. For those who do not want to invest in dance shoes or are just dropping in for a class, go barefoot. Being barefoot is not uncommon in these classes, you do not commit to dance shoes but are able to still remain comfortable while dancing. Finally, very few of the people wear regular socks to the class. The only obvious problem with socks is that they can be dangerous in the fact that they are slippery. When caught up in dancing you can forget what you are dancing in; in this case, you would easily fall down while in the moment.


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