The best Middle Eastern dancer around!

This wonderful lady is the famous Ruby Jazayre! You may not know it, but she is a well-known and very talented Middle Eastern dancer that spends her free time teaching others about her passion for Middle Eastern dance, otherwise known as belly dance.

I have included my favorite parts of our interview which includes her view on belly dancing and why women choose to participate in the dance.

Katie: I was just wondering [what] your view on belly dancing is, you probably have a different view since you’ve been in belly dancing for a long time. For outsiders, I kept finding articles that were talking about how belly dancing is kind of a sexualized performance.

Ruby: There’s one last perspective let me start with the very first aspect of it. In every culture there’s dance and there’s women that do it for exercise. There is probably some women that do it because they like the sexual innuendo that people think of it, but I think for the most part people are wanting to become comfortable with themselves. And they may come to me very frightened about you know we may be doing this in public or doing it in front of others.

Katie: Right.

Ruby: And becoming more and more relaxed about it and feeling more and more in power about being able to dance and do this because of the scope you see how many people come into my classes and they’re all shapes, they’re all sizes, they’re all colors, and are all ages. And they are embracing this dance together and finding freedom from it. And being empowered in themselves to come out and do this and what I want in this area…what I want them to learn and I think they have learned is that this is not a strip tease or you know a sexual dance, it is a sensual dance. But that it is entertainment and that it is enjoyed by all ages and for the most part people that come to see us are women. We are dancing for other women.







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