Interview with South Bend Latin Dance Night Member

Over the past few weeks we have been fortunate enough to work on our project with David Seymour, director and founder of South Bend Latin Dance Night. This past Saturday we able to get together with David and ask him about Latin Dance and what it means to him. Here is a snippet of what he had


Sara: “Ok so what got you interested in Latin dance and when did you first start dancing?”


“I’ll kinda answer that in a couple different ways. We’re moving our bodies; it’s something that were always doing right? Like from how you walk down the street when you’re excited to go to a concert versus how you’re walking to a class that you don’t really want to go to or its that’s that’s all a dance and how we do it.

So I think in relation to music, the relationship between movement and music right, speaking of dance in that way, I was dancing when, Soul Train was a popular show on television and my mom would put it on, or I’d be at my aunts and uncle’s house in Chicago and they would pay us a quarter  to dance and ya know just have dance contests and things like that. So in a sense dance has always been part of my life. I’ve never been afraid to move in in relation to music and and have fun with it. Cause I think like with a lot of things in life if you’re encouraged at age you tend to develop a relationship with something.

I became interested in Latin dance really when I was in college  because I had the opportunity to learn from some upperclassmen who had traveled abroad and took classes and so we would have the Latin or Spanish club would have a party on campus. And so I learned some moves from them. I always loved to dance anyway like I hip-hop. I’m a hip-hop kid. I’m a child of the 90s so, hip-hop and R’n B was big. I’ve always loved dancing. Learning Latin was just another installment. Another chapter  in my book of dance learning moves from them. Then I traveled abroad and took classes at the same place where they took classes and so it was like a love affair that just continues to grow and develop. So just like anything, you start learning and you take classes whenever you can and you perfect it.”


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