Interview with Morgan Miller of The Zion Mennonite Church

imageTo learn more about the Mennonite faith, we interviewed Morgan Miller. Morgan is a Bethel college student and she attends Zion Mennonite Church. We asked her various questions about the church as well as the community. Below is a transcription of part of the interview that we would like to share with you.

“Macaila: Where you born into the Mennonite faith?

Morgan: Yes, I was.

Macaila: What are the beliefs of the Mennonites and what aspects of the faith are most important to you?

Morgan: Oh, what are the beliefs. Well, first of all, we believe Jesus is our savior. We are first foremost Christians. And, as a whole, Mennonites, there are many different types of churches. I don’t know if you’ve visited other churches besides Zion, but some churches have different kinds of guidelines.

Macaila: Okay.

Morgan: So, we believe in head covering, but first and foremost, we believe in accepting Jesus Christ as our saviour. And, that’s the most important thing, and that would also be the most important thing for myself. I think that…I mean there are so many different, obviously, there are differences. There are some that are more conservative, some that are more liberal, and it’s just kind of where you feel like you need to go.

Macaila: Okay.

Iesha: So they vary, it varies.

Morgan: Yea, yea.

Macaila: Interesting. Um….

Iesha : Do people convert to become Mennonite? Or do you know anybody who has?

Morgan: Yea they do. But, it’s more like they would convert to Christianity. And then, I have friends and family, and they would convert to Christianity and sometimes, later, if they feel, like, a conviction to become Mennonite, they do. But, usually it’s….most times usually first Christian. They become a Christian.

Iesha: Is there a process they have to go through?

Morgan: Um, well usually they get baptized. Some churches when you’re baptized you become a member of the church, but we don’t. It’s baptize and then if you want to become a member of the church, you have to make a confession of faith and kind of give your testimony. That and answer that you’ll go with the guidelines in the church if you want to join.”

After our interview with Morgan Miller from The Zion Mennonite Church, we learned about many more aspects of the faith. We look forward to future interactions in the field.


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