Interview with Terry Clines

Franny and I had the opportunity to interview Terry Clines. Terry is a member of Notre Dame’s class of 2017 and is one of the musical directors of MariachiND. In our interview, Franny and I asked him a variety of questions regarding the history of the group, the music that they perform, and what draws the members of the group to Mariachi music. Below is an excerpt from the transcription of our interview.



Allie: Why Mariachi, of all the clubs on campus?

Terry: For me, honestly, I don’t have any real cultural ties to it.  It was just at activities night freshman year they had a lot of energy at their stand and were like “Hey join, we need guitarists!”  And I was like “Yeah sure, sounds good!”  And I just fell in love with the music.

Allie: What do you like about Mariachi?

Terry:  Me, personally, I like it because the guitarist is the rhythm section, so it’s very percussive and they tend to lead the tempo and stuff.  Other members have joined, obviously because cultural ties are important, so our Hispanic members take that very seriously.  We have a lot of Notre Dame band members in our Mariachi band, so if a musician is just looking for something to do in their spare time it’s kind of low commitment, so we just get people who want to try something new.

Franny:  Are there people in the group who have been doing Mariachi before they came to Notre Dame?

Terry: The singers grew up listening to the music generally and singing it, not necessarily in a band, but they’re familiar with it.  We only have one member who did Mariachi in high school, the rest of them just picked it up.


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