Artistic Haven

“Langlab seeks to help foster cultural polyphony and good-natured jousting between different arts and aesthetic foxholes in the local community.” –LanglabSB 

LangLab is also super family friendly. Whether it’s just you or the whole family, everyone is welcome! Sara and I have had the best experience going to Latin Dance Night. Everyone is so inviting and the music is a blast to dance to!

LangLab, South Bend  IMG_5078Originally an old factory, the owners of LangLab have created a space in which the arts of South Bend, IN thrive.

IMG_5079The atmosphere that LangLab presents is cool, calm and collected. The warm colors and comfy couches are inviting and cozy.

IMG_5082There is TONS of seating at LangLab. Whether you’re on the dance floor or enjoying a beverage with friends, there’s no doubt you’ll have fun here!

IMG_5150Here at South Bend Latin Dance Night, theres an assortment of snacks and even a full bar in the next room!


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