Contra Dance Band Rehearsal

This is a photo of the space that the four out of five band members were practicing in. Kate is in the front playing the fiddle, Eric is the to the right of the photo in the orange playing the tambura, Richard is to the left playing the accordion, and Patricia is hidden behind Richard playing the stage piano.

Katie and I were able to attend the band’s rehearsal before their performance at the Contra Dance event this weekend. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to see what goes into making a performance possible. We listened to them practice several different pieces and towards the end, they let Katie and I participate by giving me a drum and by giving Katie musical spoons. In the recording below, you can hear Katie playing the spoons. They told us that they practiced for about 3 1/2 hours that day trying to perfect the songs for the event. They even had some new pieces to master, by request of the caller.


To hear more excerpts from the rehearsal, please visit this page.

Also, feel free to visit the band’s website here.





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