South Bend Latin Dance at LangLab

Like many cities, South Bend is a treasure trove full of artistic diversity and talent. My fellow researcher, Sara, and I had quite the adventure as we traveled to one of these artistic havens, LangLab, located right here in South Bend, Indiana. LangLab hosts many different varieties of the arts including solo musicians, artists in residence, art galleries, and of course South Bend Latin Dance. The atmosphere created by the Latin American music and lighting and decor of LangLab emits the many varieties of what Latin Dance is and means to many of the people who come to participate. Latin Dance Night is run by David Seymour, the founder of “You Can Dance for Life,” and SB Latin Dance’s instructor, Bridget Hardy. David and Bridget create a welcoming environment full of friendly people. A short, half hour dance lesson starts the night at 7pm followed by two more hours of open dancing. Common dances performed include the Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, and the Cha-Cha. It is this type of dancing that Sara and I wanted to share with the Michiana community. We have not only posted pictures of some of the dancing below but have also been able to capture a short clip of the Latin beat that drives the dancers on LangLab’s dance floor!




Here, Jamelle Beavers and his dance partner are learning some basic dance moves before joining the others on the dance floor!
Brianna Andrade and her dance partner Jordan Richardson are dancing their hearts out while moving to the music.

Katie Brenneman dances with Michelle Williams during last Wednesday nights dance session!
 Katie Brenneman is also seen dancing here with her partner Joel Weldy. At LangLab, it’s typical to see people switching up who they dance with!
Bridget Hardy who you can usually find teaching simple dance steps at the beginning of the night is seen here taking a break from teaching and getting her groove on while dancing! Way to go Bridget!

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