Introducing MariachiND

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A dorm chapel is probably one of that last places that comes to mind when you think about where you might hear mariachi music. But every Monday night from 8:30-9:30, the men of Dillon Hall at The University of Notre Dame are treated to the melodies of Mariachi provided by the rehearsals of MariachiND, the premiere Mariachi band on campus. MariachiND performs a variety of traditional mariachi tunes as well as covers of current popular songs in the style of mariachi.

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The attendance at the rehearsals varies from week to week but usually the band is comprised of a few trumpets, a guitar, a violin or two, and a couple of vocalists. MariachiND accepts musicians from all musical backgrounds into their group. The only prerequisite is a passion for mariachi!

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The band stands in a semi-circle around the Chapel altar to rehearse. They follow the cues of their music director who is also their guitar player.  This configuration is conducive to the communication necessary for this kind of ensemble. The musicians work from handwritten sheet music that they, themselves, have transcribed for rehearsal purposes.

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This traditional Traje, featured in these photographs, is the outfit that they wear while they are preforming. MariachiND performs in a variety of venues, private parties, outdoor events, Catholic masses, and Valentine’s Day serenades.


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