Music and Teachings at Zion Mennonite Church

Like in many Christian churches, music is a major part of worship. The only difference is the variety in ways in which each church chooses to worship. These ways can range from just the voices of the members in church to the performance of a band and a large choir. Zion Mennonite Church chooses to use their voices and the sounds of the piano to convey their faith and love for God. Below is a clip from one of the songs song during the worship service.



I know that you are probably asking, “what are the sermons like at this church?” Well, below, I have attached another small clip from part of the sermon taught by Pastor Tom Gearin. Before the beginning of the clip, he reads from Matthew 16: 13-19. From these versus, he poses a question for the church that will leave many of us pondering for the answer.


These clips only show part of our experience at this church, and to experience these songs and messages yourself is only a drive away. There, you will be greeted by some of the most welcoming, kind, and generous people you will ever meet.




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