Zion Mennonite Church


Welcome to the Zion Mennonite Church in Etna Green, Indiana. Just an hour away from South Bend, it is a community of devoted, dedicated worshipers. Serene country roads and beautiful trees with the changing leaves of autumn surround the church.


Upon entering the Church, there were festive fall decorations, lots of lovely candles and grand, rounded windows. Also hanging from the ceiling was a lovely, delicate, antique-style chandelier. The walls were white or cream dry wall. It was as if the room itself could greet me to this lovely church.


During the beginning of the service, church attendees of all ages sang many songs very loud and with love for their religion.

It seems as if they track the number of students on a weekly basis. They have improved numbers from the week before!


Here is a photograph of the room in which the worship service occurs. There are between sixteen to twenty pews and each pew contains the books in which the songs we sung are located. There are trees and fall-themed flowers on the stage and a cross in the back towards the wall.



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